what my students say about me

When I heard about learning a language online I had my doubts but I really love it now! My wife is Spanish so I really wanted to learn the language although even before I met her I was already interested because it’s just such a lovely language!

I live in London and life here is very hectic. I found the online classes very convenient due to the fact that I work long hours and my schedule changes every week.

Elena has a very effective and charming way to help me with my Spanish. I have improved very fast and she has helped me a lot keeping me always motivated to continue and I’m always excited about the next class! In addition, she always adapts the class to my needs, my character and my interests. The classes are a lot of fun and I never get bored.

As a beginner I also appreciate that she speaks really good English too, because that way we can communicate before and after the class in case I need to ask any more questions.

I would recommend Elena without hesitation and with pride to anyone that would like to learn Spanish!

Stelios, from Greece


Elena created really competent and practical classes and she also adapted them to my needs. At the same time, the lessons were a lot of fun. Elena’s open-minded and kind manner kept me strongly motivated. The homework and teaching material were very well structured and had a clear layout. The activities were helpful for learning on your own, since they were very individual and informative with interesting insider tips on Spanish for foreigners.
Thank you very much, Elena!

Katja, from Germany


Ele is a fantastic language teacher. Her genuine love for the subject is clear and her kind, approachable character has helped me to remain at ease throughout each lesson. Each session is carefully structured to my own specific needs and concerns, building gradually week by week and allowing me to develop my skills at a natural pace. Homework exercises are always fun to complete- often in the form of written comprehension in response to songs and videos and building upon discussions we have had in previous sessions.

I would not hesitate to recommend ELE Online Spanish to anyone looking to learn the language and look forward to continuing my studies with her.

Olivia Mary Deane, from UK

Gallery Manager & Freelance Educator, see website HERE

Elena is an excellent highly skilled teacher.

After two years of classes with her and having started from scratch, I am now able to have fluent conversations with friends and do work related interviews. She also helped me to prepare the DELE A2 and the CCSE (Spanish culture) exams when I needed to apply for my nationality and I passed with high marks.

She’s got her cheerful entertaining way that makes me enjoy the class so much.

She’s very patient with my questions, always smiling, and always giving extra knowledge beyond the book. She helps me too by suggesting Spanish books, music, movies and series to watch. She is punctual, always prepared and she uses the latest technologies for having professional and effective classes online.

Mohamed Aboud, from Egypt

Software Test Manager at DoubleVee, see website HERE

I was Elena’s student when she was an English teacher for professors in Castilla-La Mancha University. The first time I talked to her I thought she was an English girl. What a surprise to know that she comes from Spain too! I was delighted with her teaching, the classes were flexible and fun. No much grammar, a lot of conversation. I learned a lot and, in addition, I prepared my Cambridge exam very practically. In fact, I passed it without problems. I’m sure that this new project shall be the best way to learn Spanish or English at home because she always adapts her teaching to the needs and time of her students.

Antonio, from Spain

Professor of Public International Law at Castilla-La Mancha University, WEBSITE

Elena has been my English teacher for a long time. She is a very qualified teacher. The first time I heard her speak I thought she was a native English speaker; her accent and her excellent knowledge of grammar are perfect!

The classes are really personalized. She adapts classes according to your needs and plans the next class with you so that you can work during the week and the next class is more effective.

Thanks to her lessons I have gained more vocabulary, more fluency and much more confidence when speaking with foreign suppliers in the meetings at work.

Elena is very patient and a lot of fun, she makes me feel very relaxed and very comfortable in our sessions.

I am very grateful for the incredible improvement I have achieved. Thanks Elena!!!

Marisa, from Spain

Purchasing Department Agent at Inforpor S.L.

I’m from Spain so I haven’t taken any Spanish lessons with Elena. However, I’ve always known that she’s a great teacher because she taught my daughter for two years in an English Academy. Day after day, I always saw my daughter go to her classes very happy and her language skills improved really fast.

That’s why, when I wanted to retake my English lessons, I decided to learn with her as well. As a father of three children and a worker, having online lessons is really convenient for me. Thanks to Ele, I can learn with total flexibility without wasting my time going to any school or academy. I think online is the way to study in this century, it’s all advantages!

She definitely has a great knowledge of English. She is a great teacher, very intelligent, creative and professional. I really enjoy my lessons with her.

Sergio Blázquez, from Spain

Draughtsman at IMC Albacete