customised Spanish lessons online


Do you live in Spain, travel often there or are planning to move?  Do you have a Spanish family-in-law? Do you just love the language and the culture?

Then, this is your course!

We will practise all skills using a variety of materials and activities such as music, videos, images, audios, games, texts, books, etc. Always focusing on your needs, as well as your interests and preferences so that you keep engaged and motivated.

Get to impress your mother-in-law, have fun and enjoy learning in a very efficient way.


Do you need help to go through your DELE exams succesfully? Do you wish to apply for the Spanish nationality? Have you been asked for any language certificate at work?

Then, this is your course!

We will practise all skills to reach the level you are aiming at and practice with real exam papers. You will learn all the tips and techniques you need to pass your exams. We will work on those skills you’re weaker at and will make the most of your strengths.

Obtain your certificate and boost your confidence.


Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Do you need to practise for an interview? Are you struggling with any aspect of grammar in particular? You name it.

This course is for you!

This course is totally customised to satisfy your specific purpose. We will analyse your situation and your needs and draw a plan just for you to help you meet your target.

You can continue having classes while travelling or during a business trip. Your urgent doubts will be responded by email. You will be accompanied.

Achieve all your goals and enjoy travelling to the fullest.


Do you just want to have oral practice? Are you looking for interesting and useful conversation lessons with a professional native speaker? 

Then, this is your course!

We will use different interactive activities such as debates, role playing, games, etc, always focusing on your speaking. You will learn how to communicate naturally, correctly and appropriately in Spanish paying attention to all aspects that interfere in a conversation, such as pronunciation, grammar, non-verbal communication, idioms and expressions, etc.

We will also talk about your interests to keep you engaged and motivated.

Maintain your level and have natural and spontaneous conversations.


  • During all courses you will receive reports on your progress frequently and optional homework by email. You will be accompanied, monitored, advised and supported.


  • All courses may be customised to suit your own needs, preferences, interests and way of learning.


  • You can choose the course you want, change to another one when you want or CREATE YOUR OWN if it’s not on the list.


Elena created really competent and practical classes and she also adapted them to my needs. At the same time, the lessons were a lot of fun. Elena’s open-minded and kind manner kept me strongly motivated. The homework and teaching material were very well structured and had a clear layout. The activities were helpful for learning on your own, since they were very individual and informative with interesting insider tips on Spanish for foreigners.
Thank you very much, Elena!


Katja, from Germany