Spanish lessons adapted to your needs, interests and learning preferences


Do you live in Spain, travel often there or are planning to move?  Do you have a Spanish family-in-law? Do you just love the language and the culture?

Then, this is your course!

We will practise all language skills using a variety of materials and activities such as music, videos, images, games, books, etc. Always focusing on your needs, as well as your interests and learning preferences so that you keep engaged and motivated.

If you have a Spanish family-in-law, you will get to impress them:)

If you are planning to move or you have just arrived in Spain, everything will be easier for you: renting a place, going out, moving around, preparing for an interview or a meeting, paperwork…I’ll help you! I’ve lived three years abroad in three different countries so I know the challenges you are facing and your needs.

By learning the language, you will mingle with the locals more quickly and you will make Spanish friends more easily. Your experience will be more enjoyable and rewarding from the start.

If at some point, you need to prepare for a DELE exam, I’ll be there for you and we will do it together so that you go through it successfully. 

We will practise all language skills to reach the level you are aiming at and practice with exam samples. You will learn all the tips and techniques you need to pass your exams. I’ve taken English exams in the past and I also have experience preparing people like you to take the Spanish ones.

You may wish to apply for the Spanish residency or nationality or you might have been asked for a language certificate at work.

Obtaining a language level certificate will boost your confidence and will open many doors for you. The A2 certificate will give you the opportunity to apply for residency and nationality and with the B1 or the  B2, you will be able to apply for more jobs or to be promoted at your current job.


Do you just want to have oral practice? Are you looking for interesting, fun and useful conversation lessons with a professional native speaker? 

Then, I am your teacher:)

We will use different interactive activities such as debates, role-playing, games, conversation guides, etc. We will learn from each other’s country and culture and we will talk about interesting topics always focusing on your learning preferences and general interests.

The best way to learn a language is by speaking that language. It’s also the best way to maintain your level if you are not living in Spain any longer but you don’t want to forget what you learnt.

Maybe you’re studying Spanish at College or a private centre but you want some real extra practice with a native. Here I am!

You will learn how to communicate naturally and appropriately in Spanish while having fun and getting to know our culture.

Elena created really competent and practical classes and she also adapted them to my needs. At the same time, the lessons were a lot of fun. Elena’s open-minded and kind manner kept me strongly motivated. The homework and teaching material were very well structured and had a clear layout. The activities were helpful for learning on your own, since they were very individual and informative with interesting insider tips on Spanish for foreigners.
Thank you very much, Elena!


Katja, from Germany