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In ELE Online Spanish I want to help you make the most of your stay in Spain, by teaching you not only the language but also what you need to learn about the culture and advising you about anything you might need (travelling around, eating out, paperwork, preparing for an interview or an exam…you name it! I’ll be there for you.



You are in the right place if:


  • You are an expat living in Spain and would love to learn the language and get to know the culture better.
  • You are planning to move to Spain and you want to start learning the language so that everything is easier when you arrive.
  • You travel often to Spain due to work or family and you are tired of using your hands to talk, you need to learn the language.
  • You are required to know Spanish at work.
  • You love Spain and its culture and living here is one of your dreams.
  • You have a Spanish family-in-law and you would love to understand your partner’s friends and family.
  • You are preparing a trip to Spain and would love to make the most of it by being able to speak with the locals.


I’ve lived abroad in three different countries and I’ve travelled to more than 30. I know the challenges you are facing. I know what you need help and advice with. And I will be delighted to help you!




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  • Wanna take a step further and learn much more quickly? Have one-to-one online classes with me. You can try one class. This is by far the best way to learn. Have private classes with a professional native teacher.


My name is Elena, I’m Spanish and I live in Barcelona.

I’ve been teaching Spanish and English for over eight years. I have worked face-to-face for individuals, for private centres, in high school, in business companies and teaching professors at University. I moved online in 2016 and since then I enjoy teaching much more because I have more control of how I live and work. It’s also much more convenient for my students. They all love learning online!

I’m a fully qualified teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language plus several courses in the same area. Also, I previously studied a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting.

I’m also a student just like you! I speak English, French and also some Arabic. Therefore, as a student of these languages, I completely understand my own students’ needs and challenges.

At work, I’m intensely dedicated and enthusiastic. My classes are totally customised and adapt to each student’s needs and preferences. The methodology I use in class is up to date with the latest communicative approaches and I always like to receive constant training in order to offer the highest quality in my courses. As a result, my classes are fun, interactive, efficient and effective.

Learning, teaching and travelling are my greatest passions. I have travelled quite a lot around the world and also lived abroad in Canada, Belgium and Northern Ireland. I really love meeting people from all places and get to know other cultures.

I’m proud of my own country and my language so I hugely enjoy teaching about them.

I also have a blog: knowmadteacher.com where I share my experience teaching online and help other teachers become digital entrepreneurs.

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