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My name is Elena, I’m Spanish and I live in Barcelona.

I’ve been teaching Spanish and English for over eight years. I have worked for individuals, for private centers, in high school, in business companies and teaching professors at university.

I have a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language plus several courses in the same area. Also, I previously studied a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting.

I speak English, French and also some Arabic. Therefore, as a student of these languages I completely understand my own students’ needs and challenges.

At work, I’m intensely dedicated and enthusiastic. My classes are totally customised and adapt to each student’s needs and preferences. The methodology I use in class is up to date with the latest communicative approaches and I always like to receive constant training in order to offer the highest quality in my courses.

Learning, teaching and travelling are my greatest passions. I have travelled quite a lot around the world and also lived abroad in Canada, Belgium and Northern Ireland. I really love meeting people from all places and get to know other cultures.

I’m proud of my own country and my language so I hugely enjoy teaching about them.

I’m also keen on sports, music, movies, blogging, entrepreneurship, personal growth, science, lucid dreaming, human rights, veganism, ecology, spirituality, alternative therapies, yoga and meditation.

Do we have anything in common?

Would you like to enjoy learning Spanish with me?

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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